Friday, December 4, 2015

Important Nutcracker Update

Ms. Diane passed out a NDA Newsletter yesterday. Nutcracker information for this weekend is outlined in it:

Nutcracker at Grand Sierra: We have 30 dancers performing in two shows!

FRIDAY, December 4th: Tech Rehearsal and Costume Fitting

3:00 pm: All dancers will arrive at the GSR and be dropped off at the ramp that's outlined on the map below. Please do not drop off your dancer inside the theater.
  • Wear: 
    •  Purple NDA warm-up suits 
    •  Class leo, Class tights, Ballet shoes. 
    •  If possible, boots/shoes that they can slip OVER their ballet slippers.
  • Hair: 
    • Soldiers: HIGH bun on top of their head, about 2-3 finger-widths from their hairline). 
    • Mice: High bun, but slightly lower than soldiers' (Ms. Diane demonstrated it to the dancers last week).
  •  Makeup: No makeup.

  • Map of GSR Theater Map courtesy of G. Hoff

6:00 pm: Pick up dancers at the GSR Theater Ramp (outside the hotel where you dropped them off).

SATURDAY, December 5th: Dress Rehearsal and Showtime

1:00 pm: Dancers arrive in at the GSR Theater ramp. Please be prompt and again - do not drop the children off inside the theater.

  • Food: Be sure to feed your dancer a high protein breakfast and remember their stomachs are no bigger than their fists, so don't overfeed them. Each dancer can have a small water bottle and a small snack (nothing that can stain/stick to costumes, please) backstage. Please, no coolers or lunchboxes.
  • Wear: All: Purple NDA warm-up 
    • Mice: pink tights and very clean, pink ballet slippers. 
    • Soldiers:  class leo or nudie (no halter leos) white tights and black, ballet shoes with white elastic. 
    • Cake Girls: pink tights, pink ballet shoes. 
    • Party Scene: pink tights, black ballet slippers with white elastic, ringlets/wigs.
    • Mother Ginger: washed pink tights, pink ballet slippers.
  • Hair: 
    • Soldiers: High bun (on top of their head, about 2-3 finger widths from their hairline). 
    • Mice: High bun a little lower than top of the head (Ms. Diane demonstrated this for them last week).
    • Cake Girls/Party Scene: Please remember appropriate hairpiece. 
  • Makeup: Please put regular stage makeup on their eyes: 
    • white eyeshadow underneath their brow (lots of white for soldiers because of how low their hat will hang)
    • brown on their eyelids
    • black eyeliner
    • red lipstick
    • false eyelashes are optional.
    • In a bag (labeled with the dancer's name) pack: bright red lipstick lots of LONG hairpins (for mouse heads and soldier hats) large safety pins (the costumes will need quick adjustments). Ms. Diane will apply their lipstick and blush backstage. 
    • NO earrings (EXCEPTION: Cake Girls will need studio earrings if they have them), NO glitter or nail polish, please.
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm DINNER BREAK  
Please, stay on GSR's property In the past, we've had issues with dancers not returning on time because of weather related delays on the roads.
6:00 pm Be sure to fix any hair and makeup before the show. We want our dancers looking fabulous for showtime!

7:00 pm SHOWTIME.

When Show Ends (approximately 9:30 pm): Dancers will leave through the theater to meet their parents in the theater lobby. Please make sure you sign out your dancer with the designated NDA personnel. 

SUNDAY, December 6th: Matinee Performance

1:00 pm:  Dancers arrive at GSR Theater Ramp wearing same clothes, makeup and hair as on Saturday.

2:00 pm:  Showtime.

When Show Ends (approximately 4:30 pm) : Dancers will leave through the theater to meet their parents in the theater lobby. Please make sure you sign out your dancer with the designated NDA personnel. 


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