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Friday, April 28, 2017

Tech Rehearsal, Saturday, June 10th (at studio) / Dress Rehearsal, Monday June 12th (at Pioneer)

All of this information is posted in the studio in case you want to take more zoomed in photos. The running order for tech/dress rehearsals and recital will remain the same:

Saturday, June 10th | TECH REHEARSAL (at NDA's studio ) 

  • Arrive at the studio in regular dance class clothing (and no makeup or costume), unless your teacher has specified differently. 

    •  Please be 1⁄2 hour early as things move quickly and there’s a lot to be done. 
    •  Bring smiles and patience for your teachers. They are hard at work preparing for the performance.

      Monday, June 12th | DRESS RECITAL (at Pioneer Center)
      • Arrive one hour early before your first dance (in order to make sure the dancer is finished signing in and is fully backstage) because we have limited time to rehearse, and Ms. Diane can run early. 
      • All dancers must be signed in and signed out by a parent at the back door of the Pioneer. 
      • No parents are allowed backstage. The dancers will be supervised by adult volunteers.
      • Remember it's all business on this day. 
      • Please bring smiles, good attitudes and patience.

      Recital Tickets Go On Sale, Saturday May 13th

      Tickets will go on sale at the Pioneer Center box office (you can order tickets by phone, 1-866-553- 6605) and on their website on Saturday, May 13th. You can check what tickets are available by clicking here.

      Photo Day Information, Sunday June 4th

      It's almost Recital time, and we have Photo Day just around the corner. The photo call time information is posted across from the office. I've done my best in trying to take several photos of the boards, but I realize they may be a little small depending on how you're viewing them:

      NDA Family Connect has complied some helpful hints over the years and we find that these help in making sure everything goes smoothly:

      Arrive at the studio with hair neatly up and makeup done. (see makeup directions below) 
      • Please be at the studio 1⁄2 hour before your picture time. The photographer can’t wait, so please be on time.
      • Bring water and non-messy snacks.
      • No siblings, please (one parent per dancer). It gets very crowded in the studio.
      • Please be patient and kind. Every dancer of every act will be photographed individually as well as with their group, and Ms. Diane makes sure they look amazing.
      • Picture Day can run behind schedule, and can also catch up, so don’t count on coming late. But also try not to schedule anything within 2 hours after your time. If you're worried about time, please contact a parent (who may have dancers with an earlier call time) a few hours before your scheduled time to see what the schedule looks like, but still plan on being 1⁄2 hour early. Once the older girls start getting photographed, the schedule will catch up.
      Costumes: Be sure to bring all the costumes, accessories and shoes for each routine your dancer will be performing at Recital.

      Makeup:  Blush, brown eyeshadow, white eyeshadow, black mascara, black liquid eyeliner, pink lipstick or red lipstick depending on the routine (please check with your instructor on which lipstick color your dancer will be wearing).


      • Brown eyeshadow on the lid
      • White eyeshadow below the brow
      • Black eyeliner winged at the edge of the eye
      • Lots of blush (the stage lights will wash out the dancer)
      • Red/pink lipstick (ask teacher for their choice)
      • For older grades, black false eyelashes. Younger children, please, try and apply a little mascara.
      photo courtesy of s2makeupstudio 
      I found a post on s2makeupstudio with some very helpful hints for recital makeup. I know some of you may not want any makeup on your dancer, but keep in mind the harshness/wash out effect of stage lights. Also, here's an excellent post on the reasons for stage makeup including: lights, sweating, bright costumes, distance between dancer and audience. This should ease your concerns.

      Hair: neatly slicked back into bun with a hair net (this requirement may be changed by their teacher and is dependent on the number the dancer is in). No bangs or flyaways. Boys, please check with your teacher on hair style requirement.
      No jewelry: This means no earrings, watches, necklaces, etc. 
      Ballet/Jazz/Tap shoes: Clean and free of marks!
      Tights:  No holes and clean, please. Studio tights are available for purchase at the Ballet Boutique (please, check hours in the sidebar to make sure it's staffed before you arrive). 

      Friday, April 21, 2017

      Weekly Update, 4/17

      Please note that Performing Group time has been moved from Friday night to Saturday morning at 9 a.m.. 

      Tuesday, April 4, 2017

      Weekly Update, 4/3

      NDA's Summer Session Sign-Up Information and Calendar

      It's hard to believe that summer is almost here with so much snow in the mountains!

      But, the summer session information is posted in the front lobby area, and sign-ups have already started. If you have any questions, please, ask Ms. Diane.

      Click on " read more" down below, for the schedule, student requirements and sign-up form.
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