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What to Expect During the Recital Process

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One of our NDA Family Connect moms put together this wonderful information sheet which I've titled "What to Expect During the Recital Process". It clarifies a lot of questions especially if this  is your first time going through recital.

Thank you Christine Kaplan for all your hard work in compiling this information:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and other dance supporters:
Recital season is here!!! Ms. Diane and all the teachers are gearing up for the amazing production! They work hard with all of our dancers, choreography, logistics, costumes, props, etc. If you have any questions about the information below, please ask an NDA Family Connect parent (we're usually in the front room), so we can let the rest of the teachers focus on the performance. 

Once the picture day and recital schedules are up (links to the posts are in the titles below), please use your smart phones, if you have them, to photograph the schedules so you will have them with you. 

Ms. Diane has created a supportive and positive community, so let’s all work together, be patient and have fun!

1)  Picture Day: At NDA (Sunday, June 1st)
  • Arrive at the studio with hair neatly up and makeup done. (see makeup directions below) 
  • New or clean tights w/ no holes. 
  • Please be at the studio 1⁄2 hour before your picture time. The photographer can’t wait, so please be on time. 
  • Bring water and non-messy snacks. 
  • No siblings, please (one parent per dancer). It gets very crowded in the studio. 
  • Please be patient and kind. Every dancer of every act will be photographed individually as well as with their group, and Ms. Diane makes sure they look amazing. 
  • Picture Day can run behind schedule, and can also catch up, so don’t count on coming late. But also try not to schedule anything within 2 hours after your time. If you're worried about time, please contact a parent (who may have dancers with an earlier call time) a few hours before your scheduled time to see what the schedule looks like, but still plan on being 1⁄2 hour early. Once the older girls start getting photographed, the schedule will catch up
2)  Technical Rehearsal: At NDA (Friday, June 6th and Saturday, June 7th)
  • Arrive at the studio in regular dance class clothing (and no makeup or costume), unless your specific teacher has specified differently. 
  • Please be 1⁄2 hour early as things move quickly and there’s a lot to be done. 
  • Bring smiles and patience for your teachers. They are hard at work preparing for the performance. 
3)  Dress Rehearsal: At Grand Sierra Resort (Sunday, June 8th)
  • Arrive one hour early as we have limited time to rehearse, and Ms. Diane can run early.
  • Have hair and costume “performance ready.” No makeup is needed.
  • We don’t have access to backstage, so plan on changing in the viewing area. Please use only the first two rows as we technically are only using the stage to rehearse. No siblings or extra people (one parent per dancer, please). 
  • All business on this day. Please bring smiles, good attitudes and patience.
  • No food is allowed in the viewing area. There is no staff to clean up after us.
4) Recital: At Grand Sierra Resort (Wednesday, June 11th)
  • Arrive at GSR one hour before starting time with hair and makeup done. Lipstick should be applied backstage.
  • Please have the dancers in their tights with a button-up shirt, dress or robe for changing that doesn’t have to go over their head.
  • For the young dancers, there will be circle areas set up for each class. Find your class area, and set up your child with their sleeping bag, costume and supply box. The older girls will take care of them (and they do a great job!!!)
  • Take them to the restroom one last time.
  • 5 mins before showtime, go sit at your table, relax and enjoy the show!
  • Please remind the children that the recital is a professional setting, and they need to act accordingly. No running, shouting, jumping, etc. If you think your child may have a hard time sitting still after their routine, please go backstage to get them after they are done. They are welcome to sit with you (costume covered in their cover-up) to enjoy the performance.

Recital Supply List and Do's and Don'ts

  • Plastic Box with Lid: Approximately 12x12x8. Agreat place to store all your supplies below. And remember to put your name on everything! 
  • Hair supplies: Hair ties, hair net, hair pins, bobby pins, brush, comb, hair
    spray, hair gel.
  • Makeup: There's a diagram on the makeup board in the front room (NDA Family Connect is also selling makeup kits this year!).  Blush, brown eyeshadow, white eyeshadow, black mascara, black liquid eyeliner, pink lipstick or red lipstick depending on the routine. 
  • Tights: New pair (or very clean, no holes) and one extra pair (just in case).
  • Extra pair of underwear: For younger dancers in case of an emergency.
  • Shoes: Clean as possible or new (the type of shoe depends on the number the dancer is in: ballet, tap, hip hop or jazz shoes).
  • Safety pins, hand wipes, makeup remover wipes.
  • Bottle of water or clear liquid, a snack that is not messy, NO NUTS, PLEASE! (e.g. pretzels, goldfish crackers, crackers, apple slices, carrots).
  • Cards, book or other quiet activity to do while they are backstage waiting for their turn.  
  • Sleeping bag: Very important for the younger dancers so they know their area and have somewhere soft and clean to sit.
  • Hair neatly slicked back into bun with a hair net (this requirement may be changed by their teacher and is dependent on the number the dancer is in). No bangs or flyaways. Boys according to your teacher’s directions.
  • No jewelry: This means no earrings, watches, necklaces, etc. 

  • Thank you to all teachers, parents, grandparents, and relatives who support and do so much for the NDA and their dancers (transportation, recitals, costumes, competitions, etc.!). We appreciate your support!


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