Thursday, June 26, 2014

ARTown Performance Rehearsal Schedule

NDA will be well represented at ARTown on July 8th. Ms. Diane just forwarded the rehearsal schedule for the following featured numbers (from Ms. Diane's email):

- Tops and Tails
- Dancing in the Light
- Isolated Systems
- Yonce

We are no longer using Mig's tap dance, Kung Fu Boogie, because there were too many people that needed to be pulled from this dance. 
Rehearsal times will go as follows:

Monday July 7th:

Tops and Tails 2-3:30 

Isolated Systems 2-3:30 in Studio B

Dancing in the Light 3:30- 5

Yonce 5-6:30

Yonce will require another rehearsal prior to this. 
I am flexible with my time on the weekend prior so I am hoping to hear back from senior girls with jobs what works best. Lets tentatively say Saturday July 5th at 3pm-4:30pm
I can do anything on Saturday before 5pm
I can also work Sunday. So if this is better please get a hold of my personally and let me know ASAP!!!
If anyone else cannot do this dance then I need to pull the number because we are already missing a handful of dancers and I am being required to cut out half of the dance for timing of the show. This is a giant pain and I am going to require everyone MUST be at both rehearsals in order to make this happen. IF we cannot do this dance that is totally okay. I just need to know that ASAP. Extreme ASAP. So talk to me ladies. 

We will tell all of our dancers at those rehearsal times when and where we will need them at what times for Tuesday Show Day. Somethings are still TBA so we cannot share all of that information just yet. 

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing back from you!

If you have comments or questions for Ms. Diane, please contact her on her phone or you can email Ms. Haleigh at 


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