Sunday, July 6, 2014

ARTown Update 7/5 -- Includes (Tentative) Dress Rehearsal Time

Ms. Haleigh sent out an email on 7/5 with an update on which hip hop number will be performing during ARTown. Also, note the Dress Rehearsal time (highlighted in yellow and not confirmed):

Hello Everyone! 

I want to apologize for the messy situation this Artown event organization has become!

Because it is summer time and not everyone receives my emails, it becomes very difficult to get a hold of people. We are doing our very best to both include people and put on a wonderful show, and so the switching of numbers and dancers has been difficult and messy, but at the end of the day we are putting on a show and we want it to be the best!

Miss Haleigh has decided to use the hip hop 2 dance REPLAY instead of the advanced hip hop dance YONCE. Due to the amount of dancers out of town, the time crunch, and the lack of rehearsals, I have decided to pull Yonce. I am sorry to any dancers I have let down by no longer giving them this opportunity to perform. I hope you will all still come to the show and support your fellow dancers and studio anyway, we would LOVE to see you there!

As far as REPLAY goes, I have heard from nearly everyone saying they can partake and will be able to rehearse tomorrow (Sunday the 6th) at 6pm

I have yet to hear from: 

Trinity Parker
Logan Kimsey
Rachel Stamps
Leann Frickhoeffer

If anyone receiving this email has any contact info for any of these four dancers, I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me find them!

So to verify for Replay dancers, there WILL be rehearsal tomorrow night at 6pm at NDA. The performance is Tuesday July 8th at Wingfield Park at 8pm

FOR ALL OTHER DANCERS PARTAKING IN THE SHOW, please be aware of your rehearsal times.

REHEARSALS Monday July 7th:

Tops and Tails 2-3:30
Dancing in the Light 3:30-5pm
Isolated Systems- I believe you 4 are figuring out your schedule on your own. 

AS FAR AS I AM AWARE AT THIS TIME, Dress Rehearsal will be on stage at Wingfield on Tuesday at 3pm. But PLEASE double check this with your teachers at rehearsal, we are still receiving information about as the days go by. 

Thank you all for your patience, and for all of you who are not participating in the show, we would love your support in the audience! This is a showcase of many local studios in the community participating together to show off the talent and art in our community. Let's show off the NDA Family with pride and support and make it a nice summer evening!!


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