Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ms. Haleigh's Hip Hop Competition News

From Ms. Haleigh's email:

Hey Everyone!
I am FINALLY sending out information regarding my hip hop routine for this year. So far it has been hazy and confusing, and I am sorry for any misleading information or doubts you have had thus far! I am hoping students (and parents) are still excited to be a part of a hip hop number to compete with me this year!
Because I wasn't a part of the competition meeting Miss Diane and Miss Ava held a while back, I want to be clear about what my intentions for this season are. As most of you know my schedule has changed, and with my new day job I am extremely busy and have very few available hours left over at the end of the day, so my time is very limited. But I would love to still be a part of the competition team as much as possible and I am willing to try and work as many people into this number as are willing- and willing to work with my schedule.
As of now I am only available to run choreography and rehearsals on Sundays. I am aware this is a day most people are rejoicing for time away from the studio- but for those of you who are willing to come down to the studio for one more day in the week, I would be rehearsing in the afternoons (thinking between the hours of 1-4pm)
HOWEVER, I have spoken to some parents and people seem more inclined to work on Friday nights. This is something that can only become an option after Nutcracker has finished, and time slots on Friday night become available. I would be willing to do a 1 hour rehearsal for some Friday nights starting in January, from 7:30-8:30

Another option, is to start rehearsing during Winter Break, if people are willing and able.

We will be competing in the local competitions, the same as Miss Diane's Competition team will be (Reno, Carson, and possibly Sacramento or Davis- I need to double check). I can release more information and scheduling about that if necessary. As of now, I would like to just get a better idea of who is interested and who is available for what times.

I have created a Google Doc spread sheet that I will attach to this email. Please fill out the information in that document so I can have a better idea of things and so I can keep the ball moving! For the sections where I have "Sunday Afternoons" and "Friday Nights" and "Winter Break" please write YES in the box if you are available and willing to rehearse during those times and leave the box empty if you are not. 
Thank you so much and I hope to have some feedback! I have a really fun idea for this group and I am really excited to get started! I should also include that this is going to be a large group number (or atleast I hope so) for my intermediate and advanced hip hop dancers. The student must be in either my Wednesday nightint./adv class or Miss Ellie's Monday intermediate 5:30 class!
Also- if you have questions/comments/concerns you have a better chance of getting hold of me if you email me personally at check it more)

Thanks! xo



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