Wednesday, May 27, 2015

NDA Make-up Kit Pre-Orders Have Begun

If you would like to have a studio make-up kit (colors approved by Ms. Diane) for your dancer before recital, please sign the Pre-Order Form located on the bulletin board in front of Studio A & Studio B.

During last year's recital time, Family Connect ran out of make-up kits. This year, we are taking pre-orders and asking for payment in advance so that we can make sure we have enough on hand.

The basic kit consists of:

1 Milani Black Eyeliner
1 Maybelline Indian Summer Eyeshadow
1 Tube Black Mascara
1 Cover Girl Plumberry Glow Blush
1 Revlon Lipstick in either (please check with your teacher to see if either pink or red lipstick will be used in the routine):
             - Love That Pink  --or--
             - Wine with Everything

COST: $25

You may purchase a pair of false eyelashes (Ardell #103) for $3.50. Eyelash glue is available for $3.50.

Please order by Saturday, May 30th, so we can have them ready for pick up by Friday, June 5th.

Checks need to be payble to NDA Family Connect and left with a NDA Family Connect representative. 

NDA Family Connect reps are usually sitting in the front area of the studio. Just ask and we will be happy to help you with any questions. 


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