Sunday, July 5, 2015

A New Look to NDA Family Connect

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Just taking a moment to thank all the NDA Family Connect members and all of our NDA teachers and families for supporting this little communications blog. We've had almost 17K visitors since we started the blog two years ago.

I've redesigned it for the upcoming year and I hope you're enjoying the new look.

- The new image slider feature below the header will showcase three of the most current posts. From any one of those you can click over to see the full, individual post.

- For fun, I've added a sidebar slideshow which shows NDA's instagram.

- And the facebook and instagram buttons at the very top of the blog will take you directly to NDA's facebook and instagram pages.

- I'm going to try and clean up the look of the posts by using a "Read more..." cut. So be sure to click on those words (on the left bottom of each post) to see all the details.

As soon as Ms. Diane returns from vacation (in early August), I will update the blog with the current 2015-2016 class schedule and tuition. The schedule was printed on the back of the 25th Gala program.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


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