Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tech Rehearsal (at NDA) & Dress Rehearsal (at Pioneer Center)

BOTH Tech and Dress rehearsals have the same running order. Please, remember that Ms. Diane runs very much ON TIME for both of these, so be sure to be early (we recommend about 30 minutes early before their call time just to be sure).

  • Arrive at the studio in regular dance class clothing (and no makeup or costume), unless your teacher has specified differently.  
  • Please be 1⁄2 hour early as things move quickly and there’s a lot to be done. 
  • Bring smiles and patience for your teachers. They are hard at work preparing for the performance.

DRESS REHEARSAL (at Pioneer Center)
  • Arrive one hour early before your first dance (in order to make sure the dancer is finished signing in and is fully backstage) because we have limited time to rehearse, and Ms. Diane can run early. 
  • Have hair, costume and make up "performance ready.” (the Photo Day post has make up list and instructions)
  • All dancers must be signed in and signed out by a parent at the back door of the Pioneer. 
  • No parents are allowed backstage. The dancers will be supervised by adult volunteers.
  • Remember it's all business on this day. 
  • Please bring smiles, good attitudes and patience. 


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